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Learning the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) is a two-way street. Kids and adults, teachers and students both benefit from learning BODs, helping each other, and sharing the joy of discovering how to use their outbreath for strength, relaxation, pain management, and so much more. The BreatheOutDynamic system is an essential part of lifelong learning. Contact Betsy to discuss how best to foster outbreath training in your school or work environment or in today’s pop-up home and electronic schools.



Blowing bubbles is a great way for little children to start learning BODs. When kids are upset, their crying is actually a form of breathing out. And when adults say “Don’t cry,” it can be counterproductive. Instead, just share a reminder with words and lips, to blow some imaginary bubbles. Do it together and save the day for all.



Grade school kids are ready to learn how their body is designed for the breathing process. Making a pinwheel can be an art project that engages kids’ creativity and translates into muscle memory and discussions about how the human body works. Then kids will be apply BODs in their own life and share the knowledge at home. 


Once students know and use the BreatheOutDynamic system, they can delve deeper into the science of human anatomy and physiology and the universal laws of physics related to breathing. They can set up research projects, employing math and statistics, to determine the effectiveness of the outbreath in athletics, music, health, and pain management. Who knows what else they might discover.



Now it’s time for students and their professors to lead the way to healthy lifestyles. The BreatheOutDynamic system connects humans across all professions, in all work and study environments. How does BODs enhance your life as a student and a future community leader? How will you, as a professor, share your BODs knowledge?



A healthy workforce is essential for a lively economy—covid-19 is teaching us that. Thus, employee training is essential, whether your job requires physical movement, stationary brain function, or a combination. The BreatheOutDynamic system creates a well-oxygenated body that supports strong muscles and a vibrant brain. Share BODs with your workplace boss, your union, and your colleagues. Your powerful, spine-stretching outbreath is your ticket to health. 

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