Betsy Thomason, BA, RRT

Respiratory Therapist 

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Betsy Thomason, founder and CEO of OutBreath Institute, is dedicated to her own well-being so that she can help others reach their highest potential. She is always stretching her limits no matter whether cross country skiing on a blustery Vermont day with grade school kids or learning audio engineering in order to have a talk show on community radio. For Betsy, life continues unfolding each day. 

The author of Just Breathe Out — Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You, Betsy draws on her life and work experiences to guide her passion to help others create their own well-being and excel. She has worked as a grade school teacher; a NewYork State Licensed Wilderness Guide and founder of Adventures for Women; a free-lance writer for business and respiratory magazines; and founder and president of the Bergen County chapter of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners. She is retired from over 25 years as a licensed respiratory therapist mostly working in home care, helping people with neuromuscular respiratory issues requiring mechanical ventilation. Now Betsy is reinventing herself, discovering creative ways to “retread.”

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“Breathing out thoughtfully, as represented in Just Breathe Out, is the concept that links BODs to yoga, west to east, new with ancient. As a pathologist, I can tell you that the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in human tissue affects every chemical reaction in the body, which in turn affects all mental and physical abilities. Betsy Thomason’s sincere efforts focusing on the outbreath will help all people, but especially those with respiratory illness.” 

Madhulika, MD, DCP 

Consultant Pathologist,Yoga Practitioner,

Hi Tech Pathology Lab, Roorkee, India 



Talk Show Host: 

UNCONDITIONAL — exploring all facets of personal and community well-being on 91.5

Bellows Falls VT

Thursdays noon to 1 pm


Betsy shares the Just Breathe Out wisdom, interviews guests, reads poetry, brings light and liveliness to the airwaves every Thursday from noon to 1 pm. You can listen from your computer at




Just Breathe Out: Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You

North Loop Books

ISBN: 163505334X, 978163505334

205 pages


Betsy Thomason founded Adventures for in 1981 and has been involved with Ski for Light since 2000.

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