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Newsletter — Vol. 2, No. 3

Fall 2018

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GREETINGS from Betsy Thomason and Karen Brown

Burr! one day. Sizzle! the next. Change is in the air, like it or not. Sometimes change happens in a split second; sometimes change is long and drawn out. 

In this issue of the OutBreath Institute Newsletter you’ll read about two fly fishermen who are committed to the BreatheOutDynamic system. 

Do you have a BODs story?

Please share it with us.

After presenting a Just Breathe Out 
author talk in August at Neighborhood Connections in Londonderry VT, I received this email from John Morawski, one of the attendees:


"I had an interesting and challenging life-happening approximately 4 hours after I attended your Just Breathe Out talk. I just got home from voting in the Vermont primary. As I walked tiredly towards the house thinking about whether to take a nap or do something else, a stick went into one of the holes in the front of my croc and stopped my foot abruptly. I took a nasty fall which I believe broke or at least severely injured my ribs. I had another fall like this a few years ago, and this time was similar, with sharp pain that made it hard to

breathe. What I learned from your outbreathtalk and reading Just Breathe Out helped me tremendously over the next few weeks. The pain of inhaling forced me to focus on exhaling. Just getting in and out of bed was excruciating, so breathing out as I arose or lay down was the key to less pain. My pinwheel has become a good friend! 

Thank you so much.

Best to you,

John Morawski, Vermont Fly Fishing Guide"

Thanks to John for the fly fishing photos.

Change is in the Air

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John’s fly fishing story reminded me that I know another fly fisherman — my cross-country ski buddy, Gordon Larson from Spokane WA. He had learned the BreatheOutDynamic system years ago when we were skiing at Snow Mountain Ranch at 8000 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park, Granby CO. You can read Gordon’s BODs story in Just Breathe Out—Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You

Recently Gordon told me that he uses BODs when he’s fly fishing on his favorite rivers, including the Clark Fork in Montana. 

"I use BODs everyday and everywhere, in all my activities. I can rapidly calm myself and get into a mindfulness state. This is key in fly fishing. I must observe the water and surroundings to see what might be going on with the fish and their habits. Then finally I start casting. 

Fly casting is a really fun activity that requires proper timing and observation. BODs gives me a rock solid foundation from which to do this, and to improve other stuff that I love to do, like running, biking, skiing, driving, and even going to sleep! 


At age 78, 19 years retired from my ophthalmology practice, I’m gratefully enjoying so called "retirement" to the hilt. I’m 6’1” tall and have always weighed about 160 pounds. All my physical activities, including fly fishing river trips, help me manage my insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetes. 


I’ve been fly fishing on remote rivers for several decades, searching for those mostly unseen critters. At this point in my life, actually catching the fish is rather incidental. It’s just being out in the wilds that matters."

Photos credit:

FLY FISHING and the BreatheOutDynamic system


Clark Fork of the Columbia River in Montana.

Gordon and his pooch Banjo, secure and safe in their drift boat.

Just Breathe Out, the e-book version, is available at no cost — you just have to ask Betsy! Email her at and mention this offer. You’ll receive the e-book version of Just Breathe Out in your inbox. Feel free to share this offer with others. 


Are you looking for a unique gift for the special people in your life? Consider giving Just Breathe Out, the gift that says I value your life and the quality of your life. Then you can have fun doing BODs together.


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We need your help reaching people and organizations in your community.  Road trips in New England, the Eastern Seaboard, and the Midwest are on the 2019 calendar.  Help us expand our reach. Invite OutBreathe Institute to speak in your community.


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OPTV, public cable TV, Oradell NJ

PKRG, public cable TV, Park Ridge NJ

Ski for Light, Minneapolis MN

Weston A. Price Foundation, Washington DC

West River Community Project,
West Townshend VT



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Karen Brown, VP of Research

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