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Newsletter — Vol. 3, No. 4

December 2019

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GREETINGS from Betsy Thomason

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I received a phone call from a reader of Just Breathe Out. She called on the outside chance that I would answer the “unknown” call and was dumbfounded and grateful when I did. Recently, she said, a doctor diagnosed her with “elder anxiety.” She refused medication and wondered if the BreatheOutDynamic system would help alleviate the anxiety.

I explained how BODs physiologically helps you manage anxiety. Then I added that there are a number of ways to resolve anxiety. Simply by calling me, she was practicing one method of relieving anxiety.

Creating connection and then staying connected is essential for everyone’s mental health, not just people who are called elders. During this holiday season when lots of folks are gathering for parties, and a lot of other folks are home

alone, it’s important to understand the importance of being connected, whether it means smiling at a stranger in the grocery store or picking up the phone and calling someone you admire but have never met.

Use your outbreath to be as strong as possible. Then take a risk to get and stay connected. Life is short. Just breathe out
— a holistic way to alleviate anxiety and stress, manage pain, conquer addiction,

and build confidence.

The Gift of Connecting

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FREE  e-book version of Just Breathe Out

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Just Breathe Outthe e-book version, is available at no cost — you just have to e-mail your request to and mention this offer. You’ll receive the Just Breathe Out e-book version (one file for nook, one for kindle) in your inbox. Feel free to share this offer with others. At OutBreath Institute, we’re dedicated to sharing BODs with the whole world.

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We welcome your help reaching people and organizations in your community. Betsy is planning road trips in New England, the Eastern Seaboard, and the Midwest in 2019. Help expand our reach. Invite OutBreathe Institute to share valuable health information in your community.

OutBreath Institute is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) to promote personal responsibility for health and well-being. We offer community talks and training programs for personal and professional growth. OutBreathe Institute, LLC is registered in the state of Vermont.

Betsy Thomason, Founder and CEO
Karen Brown, VP of Research

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If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, please email Betsy directly at with these words on the subject line: “Please remove from mailing list."


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Are you looking for a unique gift for the special people in your life?

Just Breathe Out is the perfect gift.
It says I value your life and the quality of your life. Then you’ll have a BODs buddy. Just Breathe Out is available in the following formats:

paper — iTunesAudible — e-book, at and in braille and audio from the National Library Service at the Library of Congress.


a BODs secret:

Want more energy?
Forget the inbreath.
Let your inbreath be relaxed & passive,
just the opposite of ‘normal’ breathing.
To learn more, read Just Breathe Out,
especially pages 33 to 36 and 62 to 63.


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Betsy loves hearing from

Just Breathe Out readers. 

The last two OutBreath Institute newsletters are based on

contact with readers.

The best way to reach Betsy is at


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