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Newsletter — Vol. 3, No. 2

November 2019

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GREETINGS from Betsy Thomason

When Betsy asked me to edit her work, I did not hesitate. Editing fascinates me as a key to direct communications. What I love about editing is all that I learn from the writing I am reviewing. 


And so it was

with editing 




As I began, I realized I had to learn more about how my own body works, and actually do what Betsy was instructing the reader to do. In effect, Betsy became my personal trainer. And I became her tester. We made discoveries together: I, about how to use the BreatheOutDynamic system — BODs — to deal with my debilitating back pain, diagnosed as spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis; and she, about the meaning that her words actually conveyed. We both gained knowledge from the process. Perfecting one's writing requires the same discipline and dedication as fine-tuning one's body

to function at full capacity no matter

what age.

During this process, editing took on a new dimension: that of mind and body working together. I had to physically follow the author's instructions. I had to become her student and make my own BODs discoveries. You, dear reader, will also. 


Whistling is one of those discoveries. I remembered Betsy saying whistling is created by the outbreath. I noticed that when I whistled, my abdomen automatically contracted. During the brief pause in whistling, my abdominal muscles relaxed, without any mental intervention! What a simple way to learn — and teach — the BreatheOutDynamic system, I thought. I wondered what Walt Disney's Seven Dwarfs knew about the power of the outbreath—after all, they whistled while they worked. And what did Mrs. Anna, the Rogers and Hammerstein character from Anna and the King of Siam, know about the relaxation effect of whistling a happy tune? 


When I recently moved to a new home, I followed the Seven Dwarfs' advice: I whistled while I worked, lifting and lugging boxes of books and belongings. And I’m still making music with my outbreath, to my back’s delight.

The Editor, Back Pain, and the BreatheOutDynamic system 

by Ruth Thomasian

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A note from Betsy: When I was writing Just Breathe Out, I asked my twin sister Ruthie to be my editor. Ruthie, a frontline historian and founder of Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, loves a challenge. Here’s her healing story.

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Listen to Betsy's Show Unconditional

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a book, such as JUST BREATHE OUT, that helps you create and maintain good health. Why not buy a few copies for your friends and reading circle.


Here are the Just Breathe Out options: 

Soft Cover Books at bookstores and online at

E-books—at and ALWAYS FREE when requested from the Betsy at Betsy shares e-books freely and welcomes you to do the same. 
iTunes/Audible Books —  while the supply lasts. Email your request to Betsy at

Braille and Audio Books at the National Library Service at the Library of Congress, a FREE library service for people with low vision, blindness, or physical disability that makes it difficult to read regular print.


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community radio serving

the southern Vermont and

New Hampshire borderlands 91.5 fm 

in Bellows Falls VT welcomes Betsy Thomason as host of the talk show UNCONDITIONAL — exploring all facets of personal and community well-being, on Thursdays from noon to 1 pm, starting on or about December 5, 2019. 

Currently, Betsy is training to learn audio engineering. Each WOOL host is responsible for their own content as well as engineering — making sure the input and output — mics, phones, computers, and cd players — are turned on, functional, and sending the signal to you. Stay tuned. Out of broadcast range? Listen at, or

Listen Live to Betsy's Radio Show — UNCONDITIONAL

Do you know someone in PAIN—physical or psychic?
Here’s a BODs secret: 

Your very own outbreath is the direct connection to the calming-down part of your nervous system.
Learning and using the BreatheOutDynamic system puts you in touch with your pain, helping you to lessen it, giving you clarity of body, mind, and spirit to consider the cause and how to get help.

Parting Thoughts

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