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Newsletter — Vol. 4, No. 2

April 2020

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GREETINGS from Betsy Thomason

LIFE  GOES  ON . . .

How  are  YOU  Managing?

Now more than ever, everybody in the world needs the BreatheOutDynamic system for management of anxiety, fear, and pain. No one is exempt. By definition, these covid-19 times generate anxiety and a cascade of other emotions. YOU have the power, through your own active, spine-stretching outbreath, to maintain inner peace.

Learn and share BODs — and this newsletter — with your family, friends,  and neighbors.


The two articles below explain the connection between your powerful outbreath and your autonomic nervous system. One is an essay; the other is a

Drug-Free Management of Anxiety, Fear, and Pain —
The BreatheOutDynamic system meets covid-19

Colts Foot rises from winter’s rubble on a Vermont dirt road.

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pinwheel instructional page—an easy way for human beings of all ages to learn and share the BreatheOutDynamic system. 

Happy trails, Betsy


Your Powerful Outbreath and Your Autonomic Nervous System Explained

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Other formats include iTunes/Audible, e-books, and braille and audio at the National Library Service of the Library of Congress, for people who cannot read a standard book.

Betsy shares nook/kindle e-book versions of Just Breathe Out freely and welcomes you to do the same.
For your free copyemail Betsy at She’d love to know how you learned about this offer and why you’re interested in reading Just Breathe Out.

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Just Breathe Out 

is Available at Your

Local Bookstore

OutBreath Institute


A world where holistic self-care is the norm.


OutBreath Institute


Create a healthy world, one person,

one outbreath at a time. 

No drugs, no cost, no lies. 

YOU are part of our mission.

Take time to develop your very own
user-friendly body.


There you’ll find a 10-minute BODs tutorial designed to jump-start your learning process. It’s a visual version of Just Breathe Out, Chapter 3 — Learn the BreatheOutDynamic system: the Two-Step Basics.

Visit the Betsy Thomason Channel on YouTube

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Imagine a vibrant, loving world,
our lives and health intertwined.
Let’s work on this together.

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Parting Thoughts

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