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Newsletter — Vol. 4, No. 4

November 2020 

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About six months ago, after reading a New England Journal of Medicine article written by LaShyra Nolen, a second-year Harvard Medical School student, I realized that the arthritic pain in my left hip is the result of a Lyme-tick bite 30 years ago. Nolen’s article asks this question: why are Black people not diagnosed with Lyme until they are in the late stage-arthritis? 


LaShyra Nolen spoke to me, as well, because I — an active woman born in mid twentieth century — have been experiencing hip stiffness and pain for the past few years. A 2019 X-ray showed no cartilage in my left hip. “You’re a candidate for a hip replacement,” my chiropractor said. I quipped, “I don’t do replacement parts. I’m going to work on what I’ve got.” 


Since the mid 1980s, I have instilled the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) in my muscles and psyche, creating a responsive body that tells me what I need to know and do. “Nothing is going to change if you don’t,” my body says. So a few years ago, I added a vigorous daily stretching program — of course, accompanied by BODs — to my daily, hour-long walk.


In August, I welcomed a new member of my wellness team — Peace of Cake, a 10-foot, 15-pound Hornbeck canoe. Since then, I have been paddling frequently every week here in Vermont, continuing into November! Paddling has dramatically reduced my hip pain from three to zero.

Body of Knowledge


Betsy Thomason, BODs steward

I’m not the only canoeist to benefit. Milton Erickson, MD, (1901-1980), a noted psychiatrist who utilized the outbreath in his practice, had polio as a child, requiring leg braces. Upon graduating from high school in Michigan, he and a classmate planned a summer-long canoe trip. The friend backed out; Erickson paddled by himself. At the beginning of the three-month trip, he crawled and dragged his canoe into the water. Upon returning three months later, he was walking without braces. Ah, the miracle of paddling. 


While my leg pain and stiffness gave me some initial anxiety about getting in and out of Peace of Cake, my BODs confidence helped me overcome self-doubt. No splashes, no capsizing. Thanks be to BODs. 

Your assignment:

Look in the mirror; exhale, and say:

“I love you, body.”

Then work your plan.

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Betsy in Peace of Cake


Time marches on . . . 

What are you searching for?

     Peace of mind?


               New behaviors?

                    Security in uncertain times? 


Well-being is the state of self-compassion in which you find contentment, independent of your health, your aches and pains. What’s your plan for 2021?  


Consider your immune system as your personal defense system. Foster it’s well-being. This begins with self-compassion, which can be nurtured by learning and using the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs). Check out 
where you can listen, view, and read information to jump-start your BODs learning process. 


Just Breathe Out, in paper, e-book, and i-TunesAudible formats, is available at Residents of the United States who are unable to read a regular book may access Just Breathe Out in audio or braille free of charge from the National Library Service of the Library of Congress.


Your View on Well-Being

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If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, please email Betsy directly at with these words on the subject line:

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Fall in love with change.

Reinvent yourself, again.

BODs is your partner.

Parting Thoughts

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Betsy is sharing BODs knowledge with people who are inspired to reverse the symptoms of ALS. Belief in one’s ability to reverse any dis-ease is the first step, whether you want to heal an arthritic hip joint, fasciculating limb muscles, or weak swallowing muscles.


Learning and using the BreatheOutDynamic system helps your body work efficiently and respond to your efforts, strengthening your belief in self-healing. For a 10-minute video tutorial and information on how to access Just Breathe Out, visit Consider asking your local library to acquire Just Breathe Out through their distributor.


Do keep in touch and share your BODs story at

Healing ALS — Information-based, Volunteer-run — believes symptoms can be reversed

ALS Wheelchair graphic.png

Healing ALS — Information-based, Volunteer-run — believes symptoms can be reversed

OutBreath Institute


A world where holistic self-care is the norm.


OutBreath Institute


Create a healthy world, one person,

one outbreath at a time. 

No drugs, no cost, no lies. 

YOU are part of our mission.

Take time to develop your very own
user-friendly body.

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