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Newsletter — Vol. 5, No. 1

May 2021 

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Healing ALS is a volunteer-run not-for-profit that seeks to educate people, diagnosed with ALS and their families, about holistic protocols that can slow, stop, and even reverse ALS progression. 


The BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) is a foundational element of human self-care. For both the person with the energy disruption (ALS or Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis or . . .) and the caregiver, BODs is the source of efficient energy, strength, and hope. Yes, it can even be learned by someone using a breathing machine, whether trached or using a mask. 

My pro bono BODs telephone coaching with folks who are living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis spans many countries and decades, including work with the ALS Association clinic

BODs Research and


Betsy Thomason, BODs steward

in New York City. Using a breathing problem-rating-scale (PRS) that I developed, participants document changes in their breathing abilities. This research is designed to continue identifying the benefits of using one’s outbreath to manage anxiety, fear, pain, and stress — without drugs. The trick is to start learning BODs before breathing muscles become weak and breathing itself is exhausting. 


Would you like to be part of this BODs phone coaching and research. Or do you know someone who would?

Please contact me — Betsy Thomason:

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Whether or not you choose to be vaccinated, your health depends upon the functionality of your immune system. 


What does this mean? 

Skip the Krispy Kreme — freebees at some vaccine administration sites. Yikes— there’s nothing like sugar to kill your immune system. 


Here are some thoughts to support your immune system:

> Hydrate — Daily water intake equal to half of your weight in ounces. Increase gradually. 

> Eat real food, grown in dirt. 

> Play outdoors.

> Work your body — discover, learn, practice healthy movement — like BODs.

> LOVE your body, mind, and spirit, UNCONDITIONALLY.

Then your daily work makes sense and can be joyful.

How Do You Maintain

YOUR Health?

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Parting Thought

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OutBreath Institute


A world where holistic self-care is the norm.


OutBreath Institute


Create a healthy world, one person,

one outbreath at a time. 

No drugs, no cost, no lies. 

YOU are part of our mission.

Take time to develop your very own
user-friendly body.


In November 2016, Just Breathe Out burst into being. Now, after a year of covid sequestering, I finally understand the true significance of the mission of the BreatheOutDynamic system:
drug-free management of anxiety, fear, pain and stress.


To truly grasp the BODs effect, daily practice is essential — even for me, the author. Practice primes muscles for relaxed BODs action. The BODs payback is enormous. 


A major BODs payback slammed into me in November 2016, the month Just Breathe Out was published. While visiting family, I was so carried away with the joy of moving through space on my grandson’s razor scooter that I failed to notice the approaching hill.


Half way down I crashed. My right side shouldered the impact which smashed my collar bone to smithereens. I had to walk one mile to the family car. BODs saved my day and the night I spent at home before surgery. The puzzle pieces of my collarbone were secured to a metal plate with twelve screws. Nine months later the surgery was reversed, so that today my body is metal-free and fully functional, thanks to BODs. 


Before and after both surgeries, I used no pain medication, thanks to BODs.


In 2021, I’m creating the second edition of Just Breathe Out, in workbook format, to assist readers as they learn to manage anxiety, fear, pain, and stress without drugs. 




Please contact Betsy

Just Breath Out —

the second edition

is in the works

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