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Newsletter — Vol. 5, No. 2
December 2021 
from the desk of Betsy Thomason 

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The BreatheOutDynamic system saved this man’s life, twice. Meet Josiah Child, MD, a two-time covid survivor, emergency department doctor in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and contributor to Just Breathe Out, Chapter 4.


In the book, he explains how BODs shakes up the vinaigrette (oxygen and blood) in your lungs. As he told me recently, his knowledge and consistent use of BODs shook the covid pulmonary emboli out of his lungs and saved

BODs Saves Lives

by Betsy Thomason, BODs steward

his life. And, he adds, the love of his family pulled him through.


Now he is helping people experiencing chronic covid complications — diabetes, headaches, scarred lungs/low oxygen saturation, low/no energy, sleep disturbances, nerve pain — to restore their health.


And he’s connecting them with me so that I may introduce them to BODs and restore their belief in their body’s ability to heal.

Connect with him at his website,

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Out of the blue, my octogenarian friend John Koch from East Rutherford NJ, called me, not about his rapid healing from a broken hip and its replacement, but to introduce me to his remarkable aide Barbara.


Within a week of starting her assignment with John, Barbara’s life-long stuttering problem disappeared. Why? 

Because John taught her the BreatheOutDynamic system and then she read Just Breathe Out. “Now I can confidently read out loud.” Then she demonstrated with a passage from Just Breathe Out. “I can carry on a conversation without any fear. My 50 years of stuttering are now a thing of the past,” Barbara says — without a hitch. “It’s funny. I came as the helper. Turns out that I’m the one who was helped. It’s a miracle.”


John was able to dismiss Barbara after 3 weeks because of his dedication to his own healing process, guided by the BreatheOutDynamic system.


Do you have a BODs story to share? Please be in touch with Betsy

BODs Report from
the Field

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To date, more than 50 folks have reversed their ALS symptoms, documented with medical records by Dr. Richard Bedlack of Duke University. There is no magic. It’s hard work figuring out how to restore your health. It all starts with belief, and is enhanced with community involvement.


Go to to discover the myriad opportunities to change the progression of disease. The BreatheOutDynamic system is part of that process. Start by loving your body unconditionally. Then help it to work efficiently by engaging your outbreath. Best to you on your journey.  

Almost everyone knows someone with ALS or a neurodegenerative condition. 

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Parting Thought

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The disease called covid is waking us all up to the realization that anxiety, pain, and stress are real, whether due to illness and its after effects, economic hardship, or fear of the unknown, the future. These feelings are only enhanced by new regulations and restrictions. Accepting the reality that all of us are subject to emotional stress opens the door to learning coping mechanisms.


The most effective and long-lasting coping mechanisms are drug-free. The one that’s onboard every human is breathing. But since most humans allow breathing to take care of itself, knowledge of the healing power of breathwork is scarce.

Thus the importance of Just Breathe Out — Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You. Now more than ever, learning and using the BreatheOutDynamic system is essential for your health and well-being.


Visit for more information and to order the book — as holiday gifts. Keep in touch and share your BODs story.

How are You Coping? 

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OutBreath Institute


A world where holistic self-care is the norm.


OutBreath Institute


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one outbreath at a time. 

No drugs, no cost, no lies. 

YOU are part of our mission.

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