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Newsletter — Vol. 7, No. 2
October 2023 
from the desk of
Betsy Thomason
BODs steward 

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Flying High with BODs


by Betsy Thomason, BODs steward


Thirty years ago, I was on a flight from Los Angeles. Shortly after take off, the pilot announced that we were turning around — engine trouble. Oh, boy. Your could feel anxiety buzzing in the cabin. The flight attendant welcomed me to share the BODs message — the pinwheel image. With all those pinwheels spinning, we landed safely a short while later, without incident.


The BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs) continues to help me relax during take off and landing, but since then, I have not had a chance to share it with an entire plane load of folks. 


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Now someone else is sharing BODs high in the sky. Meet Eileen Attanasio of Santa Cruz CA, a flight attendant as well as an interfaith minister and spiritual coach who empowers teens and young adults. For the past 30 years, she has also been a massage therapist. Eileen learned about BODs from Michael Isaacs (1937-2022), a lawyer turned psychotherapist, who attended one of Betsy’s BODs workshops in the early 1990s. He wrote about his BODs experiences in Just Breathe Out, pages 14 to 15. 


Eileen has  many opportunities to share BODs whenever and wherever fear and anxiety pop up. Sometimes it’s as simple as sharing the pinwheel image and other times reminding folks how focusing on the outbreath stimulates the nervous system to relax. 

Here’s Eileen’s poem about
the power of the outbreath:



by Eileen Attanasio


Just breathe out…

We hold it in.

Fearful and afraid to let go. 

Holding on…Holding onto life.

Becoming lifeless…

Trying to fill that void…

That can only be filled with our breath.


Let go…

Let yourself be free!

Free of worry, stress, pain, and struggle!


Life has a way of taking care of everything.


Just breathe out(

Giving it ALL back to life.


BODs Instead of Masks 


by Betsy Thomason, BODs steward


Thirty years ago, in respiratory school, I learned that masks DO NOT prevent infection of any kind. Currently this is also stated on mask packaging: masks DO NOT prevent infection of any kind. For more on masks, read my August 30, 2023 letter-to-the-editor of Vermont Journal:

What then does protect you from overwhelming infection? Your very own immune system. How does it work? Your immune system, located throughout your body, works best when you are relaxed and confident, when you eat real food, eliminate junk, exercise, and are not afraid

of germs. As humorist George Carlin said, “Your immune system needs practice.” That means we need microbes of all kinds in our bodies so that our immune system has experience distinguishing the good from the bad. As always, do your research and ask questions.


BODs practice supports your immune system, with relaxation even in the midst of a crisis. BODs use is free and readily available. Your next breath arrives automatically! Get started practicing BODs today.

If you’d like a free coaching session, email me:


environment related, so we’re all affected. On the home page, check out the 47Steps to Healing — a free self-study course that helps you identify root causes of your issues so that you can plan your healing strategy. 


I’ll bet you know someone with ALS or other debilitating condition. Please share this information with them. And if possible, support Healing ALS with a financial contribution.

For more information, go to:

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The “Cause” Way to Health—Healing ALS Brings Hope
with Education 


by Betsy Thomason, BODs steward


Do you know someone diagnosed
with ALS?
 is an international organization that provides education and support for people who want to discover root causes and reverse the symptoms of ALS.


Much of this healing and detoxification information applies to me, as I detox from the Lyme bugs (can be misdiagnosed as ALS) that have been silent residents in my body for 30 years. is the platform for researching your own health and wellness journey. Much of current disease is

Citric Acid

Avoid this manufactured poison, not related to citrus fruit. On a food package ingredient list, it’s often the last item listed — the smallest in quantity, but it is hugely, silently toxic.

Read more:
From the Weston A. Price Summer 2023 Wise Traditions Journal:


BODs Coaching

If I, myself, was not practicing the BreatheOutDynamic system, I would not be able to get out of bed, live independently, and trust my ability to return to full function.


It is that simple 


Would like to connect for a free BODs phone coaching session?

If so, first read Chapter 3 of Just Breathe Out, or watch the 10-minute YouTube video, and start practicing. Then email me at



Looking for healthful holiday gifts? 

JUST BREATHE OUT is available at or from any bookseller. It’s in paperback, iTunes/Audible, Nook or Kindle versions, as well as braille and audio at the National Library Service of the US Library of Congress, for people who can’t use a regular book—ask you local librarian for assistance in accessing materials. 


Looking for self-confidence and peace of mind? 


Parting Thought

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