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Newsletter — Vol. 8, No. 1
June 2024 
from the desk of
Betsy Thomason
BODs steward 

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“But I don’t have a breathing problem.”

by Betsy Thomason, BODs steward

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                                                                     I hear this all the time. 


                                                                     Here’s my take on that statement:


Everyone living in the twenty-first century is entangled in the uncertainty of these times. Life is insecure for lots of us. Our minds know it. Our bodies absorb the fallout as anxiety, fear, pain, and stress, and a wide range of emotions, as well. 


How you breathe affects every organ in the body. Why? Because the body’s breathing circuitry is connected to every organ in the body via the vagus nerve. Since most people breathe 20 or more times a minute—way too fast—the body in unable to utilize oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide effectively. 


Learning to breathe efficiently—the BreatheOutDynamic system—has unexpected benefits.


Healing ALS, founded by Scott Douglas and Tish Tamowski, provides educational information that supports detoxing then restoring function of the human body in healthy ways — including the BreatheOutDynamic system. 


Of course, mainstream medicine claims that ALS is terminal. Doctors at ALS Association clinics give folks death sentences all the time. I worked in one of these centers for over a decade. I’ve heard the script. 


For several years, I have been detoxing from Lyme symptoms — leg weakness, stiffness, spasms, and muscle fasciculation; chronic fatigue; and constipation. These symptoms are similar to ALS. I refuse a death sentence. Rather, I’m workin on a life rewrite every day with detox protocols, a real food diet, and exercise. And BODs, of course. 


Can you believe it? 
There are people who actually believe they can heal ALS!
And they are doing just that.

by Betsy Thomason, BODs steward

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~ BODs benefits ~

Here are the stories told by folks who are taking BODs seriously and have participated in free BODs coaching.

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Renae Borgerding, retired in 2021 and living in Dallas TX, was diagnosed with ALS in November 2023. 



“I started learning BODs in early 2024. My goal was to maintain my lung capacity and not need a ventilator. In January 2024, the ALS clinic doctor prescribed a mechanical ventilator, based on my test results for forced vital capacity, which were slightly below normal. I didn’t feel I had a serious breathing problem although I was drooling and unable to cough effectively. I was walking a mile or more each day.”


“I purchased Just Breathe Out and immediately started practicing the BreatheOutDynamic system 2 or 3 times a day, as suggested. I also bought an Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer, a little hand-held device that also focuses on the outbreath.”


“At my April 2024 ALS clinic visit, I did another vital capacity breathing test. This time I passed. The respiratory therapist was impressed. I had a copy of Just Breathe Out with me and he took a picture of it. Thanks be to BODs.”

Steve Leyba was diagnosed with ALS in early 2022. 



“I live with my wife and teenage daughter and son in Morenci, Arizona. I lost function in my hands and arms, but I had no breathing problem. The past two and a half years have been difficult. Praise the Lord for the support group Healing ALS which introduced me to the idea that healthy breathing could support my healing process. With BODs coaching, I really learned to focus on my outbreath using my stomach muscles, letting the inbreath be passive. Staying focused on BODs helps me relax, relieves anxiety, and even improves my breathing. After three months on disability, I have achieved one of my goals: I’m going back to work.”


Carol Baker of Marshfield, Vermont uses BODs to manage the severe symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).




"Recently, I had surgery to reattach the retina in my right eye. The BreatheOutDynamic system helped me manage the associated anxiety, pain, and stress. It’s been a slow process to learn BODs, but I’m getting better at using my outbreath. Also, reading chapter 4 of Just Breathe Out and watching the BODs YouTube video help me to understand the ‘why and how’ of using my outbreath. I do feel better when I use BODs throughout my day. Now, I have more energy for daily exercises and home chores. And, I can drive a car again.”


Karen Kramer, age 47, a Colorado resident, was diagnosed with ALS in 2021 but has had symptoms since 2018.



“ALS has weakened my hands and legs, and affected my breathing. BODs helps me resolve anxiety and panic attacks. Now that I have learned BODs in my muscles, I automatically tighten my gut and breathe out when panic sets in. After about 10 minutes doing BODs quietly, I feel more in the present moment, not worried about the future. I’m learning that my outbreath is my home base.” 


“In August 2023, a speech therapist measured how long I could sustain ‘ahhhh’—it was only 13 seconds. Six months ago it was 17 seconds. Now, in early June 2024, I’m able to vocalize ‘ahhhhh’ for 23 seconds. That’s the power of BODs and my intention to heal.” 

 Lucia Tudose, a native of Romania, residing in Helsinki, Finland for the past 31 years, a single mom of three adult children, was diagnosed with ALS in 2022. 


“I worked as a telecommunications engineer at Nokia for 25 years and rode my bike 16 kilometers to work and back before my legs and hands became weak. I am an emotional and easily stressed person, taking everything too seriously. BODs is helping me boost my self esteem and manage anxiety. For that I am grateful.” 


Steve Lozuk, employed in aircraft maintenance with Delta Airlines in Atlanta for 45 years, was diagnosed with ALS in 2019. After receiving the covid vaccination, he developed additional muscle weakness called ‘head drop.’ 


“The BreatheOutDynamic system is helping me meet my healing goals. All my life, I’ve lived in my head, letting my brain rule my body. Now, since learning BODs, I have more body awareness—it’s no longer just me and my brain. In addition, BODs is helping me overcome a lifetime habit of holding my breath. My wife Maria is learning BODs too. It helps her to stay focused on what she’s doing at the present moment. When she helps me with my daily leg and arm stretches, we coordinate our outbreaths during the hard parts—like a dance. As we say at Delta, we’re going to ‘keep climbing’.”


Seeking BODs Stewards

Are you learning BODs and incorporating it into your personal life? 

Consider adding BODs to you professional repertoire, no matter your job. BODs is universal. BODs skills are basic. If you’re serious about BODs practice and already incorporate it in your daily routines, consider this opportunity.


BODs was given to me almost 40 years ago by Ian Jackson. Learning BODs lead me to become a respiratory therapist. Now, I encourage you to claim BODs and continue the training. The world needs BODs.


BOOKS are Great Gifts —

Looking for healthful gifts? 

JUST BREATHE OUT is available at or from any bookseller. It’s in paperback, iTunes/Audible, Nook or Kindle versions, as well as braille and audio at the National Library Service of the US Library of Congress, for people who can’t use a regular book—ask you local librarian for assistance in accessing materials. 


BODs Coaching

Would you like a free BODs phone coaching session?

The only cost is your time and commitment to practice. Appointments are on Tuesdays, scheduled on the hour from 10 am to1 pm and 2 to 4 pm, eastern time zone.

If you want coaching, first read Chapter 3 of Just Breathe Out, and/or watch the 10-minute YouTube video and START PRACTICING.

Then email me at, introduce yourself, and explain how coaching could help you. Let’s get started.


Your outbreath is your agent
for healing.  


Parting Thought

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