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Newsletter — Vol. 4, No. 3
August 2020
GREETINGS from Betsy Thomason 

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Three years ago, I stopped reading books and only listened to audio books because of serious cataract blindness. One of the books that found me was Just Breathe Out — Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You. I took a chance on it because the author is also the narrator — pretty rare. To me it means that the author is a true believer in the message and is committed to sharing it widely. This certainly is the case with Just Breathe Out. So I credit my cataract surgery with introducing me to the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs).


I developed cataracts after decades working in front of computer screens on Wall Street. Starting in 2010, I attended nursing school.

All the reading, clinical rotations, and sleep deprivation put even more strain on my eyes. That’s when the cataracts, which run in my family, began; as well as white coat syndrome — situational high blood pressure (BP) in the doctor’s office. I graduated from nursing school, passed the boards; but white coat syndrome persisted.


On the day of the cataract surgery in 2019, my blood pressure was just too high for surgery. The medical staff was skeptical when I requested ten minutes to do breathwork. They said this could only be controlled with hypertension meds — which I did not want.


Ten minutes of BODs was transformational and wonderful. My systolic BP fell by 40-50 points, to the amazement of the nurse —

How BODs Saved the Days


Alex Dubrovsky, Staten Island, NY


her first time witnessing the use of breathwork to lower BP. I was calm and cleared for surgery which went well, thanks to the skill of the ophthalmologist and, of course, BODs. 


On a recent trip to Portugal to visit my wife’s relative, he went into a rage and said slanderous things about me. We found ourselves at his mercy, without phone/internet, Portuguese proficiency, and transportation. This threw me off balance with feelings of bewilderment and despair.


After 30 minutes of BODs to neutralize my fight/flight response, I regained my composure. I figured out a way to avoid physical confrontation that this man was clearly trying to provoke. My wife and I found our way back to Lisbon. For the next four days, we had the time of our life exploring the city. Today, we look on those days in Lisbon as among the most meaningful and enjoyable of our life. Because of BODs, I was able to overcome psychic pain and despair. For me, BODsdraws out my innate ability to achieve inner peace and calm.


Alex and his guinea pig, Tony. 

Alex asks: When does Tony run away from rain? 

Answer: When it's raining cats and dogs!


In July 2020, my commentary “Peace of Body, Mind, and Spirit” was featured in two Vermont daily news publications — Brattleboro Reformer and VTDigger.


My thoughts are based on this question: How can we overcome the sense of insecurity once masks and maybe even physical distancing are no long required?


The bottom line: pay attention to your immune system. Boost it in every way possible. Manage anxiety, fear, pain, and stress with the BreatheOut-Dynamic system. Educate yourself at your local library or from a trusted source. Learn all you can about your immune system, based on your health history and specific circumstances. A healthy immune system is your lifesaver.

To read Betsy’s entire commentary, Click HERE.

Betsy’s View Point: 

Maintaining Your Well-being

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Just Breathe Out 

is published by the

National Library Service

in braille and audio.

The Just Breathe Out call number for braille is BR21813; the audio call number is DB86922.

Contact your local library to learn more about accessing the NLS.

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OutBreath Institute


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OutBreath Institute


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YOU are part of our mission.

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Your very own outbreath 

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This boosts your immune system’s ability to protect you.

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Parting Thoughts

Healing ALS is an

international organization,

founded ten years ago by

Patricia Tamowski and Scott Douglas, software/project manager and independent investigative reporter, respectively. They started documenting the journeys of people who claimed to have reversed their ALS symptoms — there are now over 40 reversals documented with medical records.


Betsy met Scott and Tish about ten years ago when she was the staff respiratory therapist at the ALS Association clinic in New York City. Healing ALS has now expanded its organizational model to include a weekly zoom support group meeting and a volunteer corps to support the organization’s mission of creating a knowledge base of informative documents to support people on their path to well-being.


Betsy is managing the breathing knowledge base, which includes two sections: mechanically assisted breathing and breathing methods that support human body function and optimization. For more information, and hope, visit

Outbreath Institute Supports Mission of Healing ALS

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VIEW the 10-minute BODs

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grasping the essentials of

the BreatheOutDynamic

system. Go to the Betsy

Thomason channel on YouTube.

LISTEN to recordings of UNCONDITIONAL, Betsy’s radio

broadcasts, now on hold.

DISCOVER how you can

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PURCHASE Just Breathe

Out—Using Your Breath

to Create a New, Healthier You. Formats include e-book, paperback, and iTunes /

Audible. Please, ask your local library to order Just Breathe Out from their distributor. It is essential, drug-free health care, accessible to all.


Thank you for supporting the author’s mission.

Check out All the Ways you can get involved with the Out Breath Institute!

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