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Life is all about your outbreath!

“Life is all about your outbreath,” opera singer says.

On Monday October 7, 2019. Fresh Air’s Terry Gross (National Public Radio) interviewed Anthony Roth Costanzo, the Metropolitan Opera countertenor. He plays Pharaoh Akhnaten in Philip Glass’s opera by the same name.

Terry asked Anthony how he is able to generate his incredible sound and the accompanying emotion and drama. Costanzo said, “singing is all about breathing. The diaphragm is an exhalation muscle. It controls how the air goes out. Life is all about your outbreath.”

Wow, this is music to my ears. In other words, we should all focus on our outbreathe, just as the title,Just Breathe Out, suggests.

All the information you need is in Just Breathe Out, available in paperback, e-book, and iTunesAudible formats, as well as in braille and audio at the National Library Service of the Library of Congress.

If you’d like afree ebook, email me at


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