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Asthma kills . . .

In Honor of Erica Garner

Fact: asthma kills 4000,000 people every year.

Civil rights activist Erica Garner, age 27, died Dec. 30, 2017 of a broken heart.

What caused this?

Several things, in my opinion:

1) the stress of her father’s death at the hands of the NYPD

2) not taking care of herself—she acknowledged this

3) her struggles with asthma

No one should die from asthma, yet 400,000 people die every year from asthma, because of drug dependence and lack of knowledge of their powerful outbreath and how it engages their autonomic nervous system for relaxation. People with asthma can resolve their shortness of breath using the BreatheOutDynamic system (BODs). Breath is life. Why do we have to keep proving this 400,000 times every year?

Here’s what’s most important: It’s your outbreath — like whistling — that matters, not sucking in air. BODs is featured in Just Breathe Out—Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You, a how-to-breathe guidebook. This is ancient yoga wisdom, absolutely revolutionary. Try it yourself. Experience the relaxation and strength gained from focusing on your outbreath. BODs can even help you manage stress and pain and help you conquer addiction. Reach Betsy at

All the information you need is in Just Breathe Out, available in paperback, e-book, and iTunesAudible formats, as well as in braille and audio at the National Library Service of the Library of Congress.

If you’d like afree ebook, email me at


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